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Editor’s Note – January

February 3, 2014

Editor’s Note

January gets its name from Janus, the Roman god of doors and gates. Doors symbolize beginnings and endings. For several years, I belonged to a writing workshop called Open Door. A closed door – well, everyone has experienced a door closing. A friend says, “One door closes; another opens.”
Janus has two faces, one looks forward and one backward: a beginning and an ending; the future and the past. This year, January begins and ends with New Years: January 1st and the lunar New Year on January 31st Staying true to the theme of beginnings and endings, one of January’s themes is Celebrate the Past.

At the end of the year and the beginning of another, I clean up and clean out: a good activity since January is also Get Organized Month. This activity includes cyber space as well as living space: January is Clean up Your Computer Month. January 14th is “Clean off Your Desk Day.” Well, I’m not sure I will ever clean off my desk!

January is Mentoring Month, and Garden City Toastmasters begins its mentoring program this month. Mentoring also ties in with January being Reaching Your Potential Month.

Did you make a resolution relating to health and wellness? January is Staying Health Month (I finally got a flu shot) and National Eye Care Month. There’s more: January is National Thank You Month. Alex Korb, PhD (Psychology Today) says, “Gratitude, particularly if practiced regularly, can keep you healthier and happier.” See the full story at

When I’ve finished cleaning and organizing, I can celebrate with a cup of hot tea. Last but not least, January is Hot Tea Month!

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