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Editor’s Note (Garden City Times, October 2013)

November 19, 2013

In addition to delivering a speech, evaluation or table topic, a Toastmasters meeting offers other opportunities to speak. Members filling a role, as Ah Counter, Timer, etc., have the opportunity to explain their role, and deliver their report at the end of the meeting.

Another idea to speak comes from the Toastmasters International website: consider offering a “Thought for the Day.” Find a meaningful quotation, prepare a brief introduction (a few words about the author), and what the quote means to you. The ‘thought for the day’ need not be long – even a minute. offers “120000 most authoritative quotations on the web” plus there are sites offering reasons on why to use quotes, and tips on how to use them effectively.

There is more to choose from than quotes, such as “on this day in history” and “how about that.” (The Canadian Encyclopedia offers a daily quote, “On this day in Canadian History” and “How about that!” on its home page.) And there’s more…calendars of official holidays, special days, awareness days, and, for fun, the calendar of “bizarre, wacky and obscure holidays.” Here’s an entry for October 16th “Dictionary Day” – a day to “emphasize the importance of dictionary skills, and improve vocabulary.” It’s an American “special day” honouring Noah Webster, who wrote the first American dictionary (it took him 27 years), but Toastmasters everywhere would be fans of “Dictionary Day.” (The Canadian Oxford Dictionary was published in 1998.)

Even a brief search yielded many good quotes, such as the Steinbeck quote at the top of the page, and leaves me inspired to present a ‘thought for the day” at an upcoming meeting.

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