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Article from 1952 – Toastmasters’ Club Holds Charter Night

May 25, 2012

While researching at the public library I found this article published in the St. Catharines Standard on May 20, 1952. This article covers the chartering of the Garden City Toastmasters club. What a find! Back then the club was referred to as the St. Catharines Toastmasters’ Club. The club met at the Y.M.C.A. had been functioning since January when it was “fathered and foundered” by its president John Gregory.

Then governor of district 28 R. L. Moore said that the charter presentation is like the launching of a ship and should be a festive occasion. He also took the opportunity to lay a charge on the members. That charge was leadership. Moore was quoted for words he spoke in 1952 but those words may just as well have been spoken today – “one of the greatest needs in every community was leadership”.

As current president of the Garden City Toastmasters, Club #1102, I am proud to have been the captain of this ship for the past year and I’m sure our upcoming 60th Anniversary Celebration next week will be as festive an occasion as was the original chartering.

Here is a copy of the original article as a PDF file.

Orest Nahacziwec
Club President


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